Enjoy our organic and eco-friendly skincare products without paraben.  Reveal your best from nature.  Our knowledgeable esthetician will analyze your skin type and prescribe the correct treatment and best in home products for you.

CLASSIC EUROPEAN FACIAL                                  $85+

    This service rejuvenates, while relaxing, using a unique range products specially selected for each individual skin's needs.  Service begins with steaming, cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and a customized mask.  And ends with a pampering acupressure massage to the head and neck making you feel as radiant as your skin will look. 

RESURFACING PEELING TREATMENT                        $110+       

    A treatment inspired by medical techniques to intensely renew the skin with a synergy of advanced technology and expertise of SOTHYS beauticians. A skin-cleansing revolution... For soft, smooth and radiant skin that looks new again! The ideal preparation for an intensive course of beauty institute treatments.


    For problem skin only....highly concentrated with powerful active ingredients, this four--step treatment helps restore clean, healthy and blemish-free skin.


    Customized anti-ageing treatment adapted to your skin's real age. A professional treatment combining technology and exclusive hand movements for proven and long-lasting efficacity. 3 treatments for skin that looks 4 years younger!

HYDADRAVACE INTENSIVE TREATMENT                              $110+

    A tailored solution--incomparable moisturizing power--with immediate, long-lasting effects.  A 75 minute treatment for absolute hydration. Products and active ingredients specially selected for their action within the skin. Recommended as an intensive course of 3 treatments, this ultra- hydrating treatment offers results the 1st session!

ACTIVE CONTOUR TREATMENT                                         

 $50/ 35 min


A complete eye contour response with advanced technology between science and nature.

FLASH BEAUTY VITAMIN TREATMENT                                 $30W/ FACIAL

The anti-stress treatment with Vitamin C revives the skin and gives it immediate radiance.

GENTLEMAN'S FACIAL                                   $75 / 60 min

A de-stressing and detoxifying treatment that no man can resist.  Using products formulated from distilled Scottish whisky and known for its soothing and calming effects.

BACKCIAL (A FACIAL FOR YOUR BACK)                             

                                                                           $75 / 60 min

This unique deep-cleansing bak treatment is specially designed to clean up problem skin or just for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

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